SteadyPunk's Machine Time

Notes from the future


What’s up zombies it’s SteadyPunk here to bring you woo woo from the fu fu. I was a 70s kid. I used to be a nerd like you until I took a homeless to the everything in the 90s. Then I became a survival nerd. Around 2014 it became obvious that the climate people were, if anything, underselling things. No one was doing anything about it, so I moved to 50 acres of nothing and got paid big city money to do stupid computer shit.
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Hello Dying World

The year is 2050. The world is burning. We’ve learned some shit, this is my gift to the living dead of 2023. Why 2023? It’s when things got bad enough that people might listen, but still early enough to make changes that will save lives. Or at least make different mistakes. What happened? You know what happened, zombies. Everything that was predicted and shared by the scientific community in carefully measured tones.
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